Katharine McPhee Fitness of the Day

Katharine McPhee in an orange shirt and black jeans

Katharine McPhee is a thing, she exists, she’s from American Idol to whatever it is she does now….and here she is in a Deep Lunge, you know stretching out that vagina of hers, that if you saw her leaked nudes, you’ll know was labiaplastied, the lips lasered off, the bloody panties and scabby lips selfie probably sent to her doctor – before shared with the world on the internet…disgusting..but not as disgusting as the fact that she’s dating a 70 year old man…sure he’s richer than God in the Music industry…behind many hit songs…but still 70 years old…which I guess is why she’s doing this fitness thing, it’s hard to keep a 70 year old rich guy hard, girl’s gotta do all the work, but more importantly, she probably doesn’t want him dying on her because she hasn’t got knocked up or married to him yet…all these bitches got a plan…

Katharine McPhee Lunges in Orange shirt
Katharine McPhee tight black pants


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