Hailey Baldwin Bikini of the Day

Hailey Baldwin Gets Wet in a Tight Red Bikini Bra and Thong

Where there is a post on Kendall and Bella…you know there’s a Hailey Baldwin coattail riding, wave jacking, attaching herself to for some attention because they are the reason she’s relevant and she’s gotta make sure they keep increasing her profile, because without them…she’s just Stephen Baldwin’s daughter…

She’s posted up a bunch of throwback bikini pics on her instagram story, and I was there to screenshot it, because that’s what a girl does for views and attention and to feel good about herself..

Apparently, even born again Christian weirdos like these empty soulless materialistic cunts, can be whores too.

Here she is in bikinis…

Here’s some more of her whoring….

Hailey Baldwin in a white crop top spreading her legs
Hailey Baldwin sitting with her legs spread in jeans and a white crop top

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